• 12+ Games
  • Championship Tournament
  • 25 minute games
  • 1 Practice per week​
  • 3 Skill Clinics  (Each athlete in the league is invited to attend all Skills Development Camps)

What exactly is A2 Spring Passing League?
7-on-7 Football is a competitive one-hand touch football program that enables quarterbacks, receivers, running backs, tight ends, defensive backs, and linebackers to improve their techniques.  Many high schools and middle schools participate in 7-on-7  during the off-season.  7-on-7 is fast paced and played without pads and receivers are downed by one-hand touch (there are no flags involved).  7-on-7 is also a Passing ONLY game - there are no offensive rushing plays and defenders cannot rush the quarterback.  Additional field time helps position development and overall conditioning.  The game is played on a standard football field.

If I can't rush the quarterback, how do you keep the quarterback from holding the ball forever?
Defenders cannot rush the quarterback, however the quarterback must throw the ball within 4 seconds of the snap of each play.  An official/coach will use a stopwatch to time each play.  

If there is a running back that means I can call a running play right?
NO.  Running plays are not allowed.  This is a passing league , however  just as in regulation football the running back is eligible to go out for a pass.

What if my child plays another sport?
This is perfectly fine.  If your child has another commitment and misses a few days, we totally understand.  All teams will be set up with enough players on the team so they won't be affected if someone is missing.  We are about developing the athlete and will not hold it against your child if he misses time.

What is the time commitment?
The time commitment is only 4 hours total per week.  We do have weekly skills camps that are totally optional.  No player will be penalized for having other commitments. 

When does the season begin and end?
Season is set to begin April and end in May with a League Championship Tournament.  These dates are subject to change due to weather, facility issues, etc...

Do I have to wear a mouth guard?
We require that each player to wear a mouth guard.  Although 7-on-7 is a non-contact sport, occasionally collisions do occur.  Mouth guards both protect your teeth and more significantly help prevent concussions.

What are the age divisions?
We currently only have 6th-8th Grade Division